The Estockx platform is currently in Beta. The first season of the Estockx Beta will run until June 21st, focuses on CSGO and on the following tournaments:

  • Dreamhack Masters Spring 2020- Europe
  • BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Europe Showdown
  • BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Europe Finals

A selection of players from the teams partaking in these tournaments are available to be purchased on the Estockx platform.

Beta users receive a virtual balance of €100 to purchase shares of their favorite esports athletes.

At the end of each playing day, a ranking will be made of the players that have played and are present on the Estockx platform. The users that own shares of the top 3 esports athletes will receive a dividend per share of:

  • Top 1 ranking player: €0.20
  • Top 2 ranking player: €0.10
  • Top 3 ranking player: €0.05

At the end of the Beta, the users that have earned the most dividends receive a cash reward of:

  • 1st: €50
  • 2nd: €30
  • 3rd: €20
  • 4th: €15
  • 5th: €10

We ❤️ to hear from you! Join our Discord, as that's where we can easliy gather your feedback. It's the main place to report bugs or casually chat with us!